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How To Thrive In An Age Of Technological Change



As an entrepreneur in a world of continual and rapid change, you have the choice to embrace the change that technology has created, or not. My advice would be to get onside immediately and take complete advantage of its many multiplier capabilities.

Big change, a new approach.

When I first entered the business world, an area I didn’t see much emphasis on was relationships. Success in business worked like this: You knew the rules and your responsibilities, and there were specific measurements about the type of results you were expected to achieve in order to be considered successful. It was an extremely repetitive kind of life.

Today, with never-ending technological change, there’s an enormous focus on relationships in business—people all communicating, collaborating, cooperating, and competing with each other in different ways. But, more than that, technology brought unpredictability to the business world. The structures and rules for success that had been the foundation for how things worked in the past have become less and less important amidst the constant change.

People have realized that to be successful, instead of paying attention to structures and processes, they have to pay attention, first and foremost, to their relationships. These include not just co-workers inside the organization, but clients and customers out in the marketplace, as well as people with the specialized skills they need.

This means that instead of moving straight up in an organization, your vision also has be trained on what’s happening in the marketplace. Entrepreneurs who understand that technology can multiply relationships exponentially have discovered the new formula for success.

In other words, you have to focus your attention more and more on those technologies, in the form of devices and systems and networks, that make it possible to get results that are faster, easier, cheaper, and bigger, and then apply those results to your key relationships in all areas of your life.

New Success Formula: Technology x Relationships = Superior Results
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Bottom line: Create the most value.

In this tech-focused age, those who were trained inside of business systems, business schools, or a particular trade or occupation find themselves under enormous stress, threatened because they haven’t been trained to pay attention to the continual improvements in technology, or to place their greatest and best focus on their most important relationships.

In this new approach to success, it all comes down to one thing: how you create value in a particular relationship. And further, how you do that with the realization that six months from now, the rules will probably change — transformed because the technology for communication, collaboration, cooperation, and competition has changed.

The new formula for success.

Throughout this Multiplier Mindset series, I’ve stressed that regardless of what happens for the rest of your entrepreneurial career, two things are absolutely going to be true:

  1. You will have to have the mindset to be highly alert to changes that are happening in both your business and personal worlds.
  2. You will have to be very curious about why they’re happening; singularly responsive in changing your knowledge, skills, and performance; and exceptionally resourceful.

In this very different world of multiplier technology, the new formula for success for the rest of your life will be your ability to pay attention to how technology is multiplying relationships — in your work and in your personal life — and respond in a way that ensures your results will always be superior.

About the Author

Dan Sullivan is the world’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship in action. He is the founder of The Strategic Coach Inc. and creator of The Strategic Coach® Program. Visionary, creative, wise, playful, and generous, he is a true champion of entrepreneurs worldwide.

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