Lifetime Growth: Being A Goal Cultivator

The Strategic Coach Team
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A future-based philosophy.

At a time when people feel they have no control over their future and often try to cling to the past or return to an imaginary one that never existed, the following four mindsets enable you to use your imagination, emotions, and abilities much more constructively; to take increased ownership of your future; to learn from the changing world around you; and to see your entire lifetime as a single, expanding school.

Mindset 1: Your future is your property.

When you’re focused on goal cultivation, you’ll develop an increased sense of ownership of your future. As you gain greater ownership of your future, you’ll discover it also gives you increased ownership of your past. These two types of ownership—of future and past—will also give you greater ownership of the present. In this three-stage process of mastery, you’ll gain ownership of your entire life at a time when millions of people feel they are victims of uncontrollable events and forces. But you don’t own your future, past, and present until you make a declaration: You have to declare that they are your property. Lifetime growth is about taking ownership of your whole life—past, present, and future.

Mindset 2: Goal cultivation is a never-ending learning process.

Goal cultivation is an endless learning process during which you’ll set and achieve more and more goals, every one of which will teach you something new, better, different, and important. Whatever you’ve learned in your life to this point will seem minor in comparison to what lies ahead. Whatever learning skills you’ve acquired to this point will be modest in comparison with those you’ll acquire. A life of activity, achievement, and learning that would overwhelm people who are not in this process is going to be very enjoyable for you. You’ll discover that the more numerous and powerful your goals are, the greater and faster your learning will be. Goal cultivation is about experiencing a lifetime of learning new, better, different, and important things.

Mindset 3: Goal cultivation is your school of life.

Goal cultivation is a school of life, one that’s designed just for you and will last your entire life. It’s unlike any other school you’ve ever been in—one in which your specific goals are the curriculum. You’re the one who will continually set the goals (the teacher), and you’ll be the one who continually learns from them (the student). Being a goal cultivator allows you to transform yourself continually as a person, to transform your relationships, and to transform the quality of your entire life. Being a goal cultivator is your own custom-designed school for life, the best one you’ll ever have.

Mindset 4: Goal cultivation creates the best possible community.

Through the structure and process of becoming a goal cultivator, you’ll be able to create a community of the best possible people—a community of future-focused learners, creators, and contributors like you. You can include all the relationships that mean the most to you—your spouse, your family, your friends, all of your best relationships in your community and at work. The best possible people, talking about the most important things, with everyone contributing more and more to everyone else. Goal cultivation is about having the best possible community in your life.

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