Quotable Coach: Aim Beyond Passion

The Strategic Coach Team
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It’s great for people to be involved in projects that they’re excited about and personally “into.” But when people feel that what they’re doing has meaning — has a purpose — they’ll stick with it long after the excitement fades.

Purpose sparks a deep sense of motivation and commitment because the task at hand doesn’t just seem worthwhile; the people involved also feel identified with it — like achieving this thing will also somehow help them become who they want to be. It’s an opportunity to step up, and missing it is just not an option — even if that’s going to require people to stretch themselves beyond what they’ve been able to do in the past.

This is why providing a vision is so vital to an entrepreneur’s role. Sure, it’s important to address “what’s in it for them” when considering the value your team or clientele get from being around your business — but the biggest reward might just be in the sense of purpose it provides.