Successful Multipliers Slow Life Down

Dan Sullivan
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Entrepreneurs who are multipliers have a sense of ease about them. You can tell that they’re winning, that the world is on their side. Their bills are paid, they have a great lifestyle, and so many things are working for them that their life becomes a kind of game they’re playing.

When your results are speeding up, life actually slows down. It’s a paradox that things multiplying in your life should have the net effect of slowing time down. People who are struggling have just the opposite experience: Time moves too quickly; there isn’t enough of it in the day.

That’s something I’ve noticed at this point in my life: I seem to have all the time in the world. And when I talk to clients who are taking advantage of their multipliers, there’s a great rhythm to their activities. Instead of doing 20 things, they’re doing two, and they’re getting more results with those two things than they would if they were doing 200.

You can’t slow down time by working longer and harder; you can only slow it down by doing less.

The other thing I’ve noticed about these people is that they have enormous confidence about the future because they have a multiplier formula: Whatever useful new capabilities and resources become available, they trust they’ll find out about them when they need to.

When you have a multiplier mindset, you tend to seek out other people who have it too, and this forms multiplier communities. You might be on a dedicated social network with 50 other like-minded people, and they’re all trading tricks — “Hey, I just found a great one!” — so now you’ve got 50 other people out there actively looking for multipliers for you. In this way, the whole world starts working in your favor.

What support structures have you found helpful in discovering multipliers for yourself and your business?