Take Charge Of Your Happiness With This Mental Hack

The Strategic Coach Team
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Compared with the general population, entrepreneurs tend to be extraordinarily high achievers. By definition, they’re self-motivated, innovative, and resourceful—and the marketplace rewards them for becoming more and more so, reinforcing the habit of high achievement.

Achievement is not happiness.

Many entrepreneurs develop superior skills, a distinguished reputation, and a high standard of living, but don’t experience the happiness they had expected these achievements would bring. When more striving and goal-achieving doesn’t lead to more happiness, it’s easy to become confused, frustrated, or demoralized.

A mental switch affects our happiness.

Happiness isn’t determined by external events, but by a “switch” in our brains. The position of your particular switch is influenced by the mental habits you have developed and reinforced throughout your lifetime.

It’s possible to flip this mental switch and experience a profound change in a very short time. For some, it takes longer, only because they have to adjust to the idea of themselves as someone who is habitually happy.

A measure of success.

Happiness—no matter who you are or where you are in life—is shaped by how you measure your success.

Do you measure yourself against impossible ideals, or have you got the means to track and appreciate your progress?

We focus on this a great deal in The Strategic Coach Program because this small distinction marks the difference between an entrepreneur who loves their life and one who feels trapped in an endless cycle of expectations, demands, and disappointments. Those who have their switch in the former position can be said to be living in “The Positive Zone” because everything they experience is filtered through an increasing sense of success, satisfaction, and overall happiness.

There’s an energy, a tremendous attraction, to someone who’s living in The Positive Zone: You instinctively know that because this person isn’t beating themselves up, they’re not going to beat you up either.

In The Positive Zone, you gain satisfaction from every day’s activities and feel that everything you do is worthwhile.

A skill for the 21st century.

This new century is an age of abundance. Our challenge is unique in history: How do we focus ourselves in the midst of unlimited opportunity and abundance?

If you’re living in The Positive Zone, you’re already perfectly able to handle and enjoy these gifts because you’ve developed the habit of setting goals and moving forward, yet are completely happy in the present.