This One Decision Could Make The Biggest Difference To Your Entrepreneurial Success

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One Decision, Game-Changing Results with Salli Anstey

“Entrepreneurs are often outliers,” says Dan Sullivan.

They march to the beat of their own drum in life, many not following the accepted path of college, university, or technical education. Nor do they continue on into the marketplace to work in a corporate setting for 30 or 40 years before retiring.

“That’s just not what entrepreneurs do,” he says. “Often a one-person show in the beginning, they’re alone to develop their own vision for their future. No one to bounce ideas off, no one to provide a fresh perspective, no one to support them in any way because family and friends don’t understand what they’re going through.

“Many tell me when they finally find Strategic Coach that it’s the first time in their life they actually feel like a normal person.”

Life as an outlier can be a slippery slope, because if you get off track or your business model isn’t sound to begin with, you’ll find yourself the owner of a failing business.

Hitting a ceiling, with no solution in sight.

A born entrepreneur and owner of a successful business that arranges mortgages and financing for clients, Salli Anstey still felt she wasn’t progressing.

She had hit a ceiling. She was working seven days a week, so she couldn’t work any longer or harder, and as a single parent, she knew she wasn’t spending enough time with her young daughter, which weighed heavily on her.

Salli recounts, “When a colleague told me that Dan Sullivan was coming to speak in London about Strategic Coach and that I should hear what he had to say, I made the decision to attend. As Dan spoke, I realized that everything he was talking about needed to be addressed in my life, and he had a solution that could help.”

A big decision, no regrets.

“Strategic Coach, at that time, was expanding their workshop program to the UK,” says Salli, “and I signed up then and there. I was in that first UK workshop group in 2006, and when I say that it changed everything about my life, it truly has.

“From the first workshop, I felt like I had a second family, a whole new set of people who understand where you’ve been. They know my journey over the past 13 years because they’ve been there, through the highs and the lows.

“Straight away, I also started having more free time, and I had never had a day off work. I didn’t believe that if you wanted to run a successful company, you could have time off,” Salli remembers.

For her, time off has been a game changer in terms of her quality of life. She’s enjoyed holidays, days off with friends, time with family—and best of all, quality time spent with her daughter. “It’s had a huge impact on our relationship as she’s grown up,” she says.

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The one absolute given of being an entrepreneur.

Dan Sullivan promises that one of the circumstances of being an entrepreneur is being blindsided by adverse conditions, either in your marketplace or in the world in general. And it can happen again and again.

Salli can attest to that truth. In 2008, when she was about two years into the Program, the economic downturn hit the UK.

“Suddenly, I realized that my business model was completely wrong. I knew I would never survive the recession if I continued on with it. I stripped everything back and basically started again,” she remembers. “We went back to having three or four staff members, and now it’s built back up to 14 of us. It’s the right team, and it’s the right business model.

“I genuinely believe that if I hadn’t been in Coach, I wouldn’t have the business that I’ve got now. Having the time to to think—actually learning new ways of thinking—in my sessions every quarter, I could see how to shift the nature of my business to a completely different market.”

The support of an entrepreneurial community.

Being committed to Coach means taking the time away from your business to attend your workshops every quarter.

“You get there, and you resolve things incredibly quickly,” Salli says. “And you go back to your business with a fresh start.

“You always seem to discuss the things that you need to discuss. I have no idea what’s on the agenda every quarter, but every time I go, I think, ‘Yup, that’s what I needed to do today,’” she laughs.

“And the entrepreneurial community, the other entrepreneurs you sit and talk with, become good friends. The coaches, who are also entrepreneurs, are fantastic, but you also get an awful lot of help and support from your fellow entrepreneurs in the room.

“It could be just one thing that somebody says during the day that solves the problem you’ve been struggling with. It really is incredible.”

Salli sees her quarterly workshops as part of her life—for life. “This is not a quick fix; it’s a journey,” she says. Over that journey, the results she’s seen and the growth she’s experienced so far have given her life a quality and richness she believed wasn’t possible for any entrepreneur to experience.

We would guess that Salli is just fine with being proven wrong on that point.