What Is Entrepreneurial Freedom? Lessons From Coach Steven Neuner

Steven Neuner
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Very few things have impacted my life as much as Strategic Coach. I was originally referred by a friend whom I had watched double his business in two years and take about half a year off since starting the Program.

I thought, “Okay, this guy’s only a little better looking and a little smarter than me. If I could just get half of what he got, it would be worth the investment in tuition.”

At the time, $100,000 qualified you for the Program. My income documents showed $100,001, which included rental property income, so I just barely made it in.

Initially, I only wanted to make more money.

At the time, I didn’t even really consider myself an entrepreneur. I suffered from major imposter syndrome and feared everyone would discover that I didn’t belong in the room. I hadn’t taken a real day off since I started my business, and, if I’m being honest, I didn’t own a business, I had a job that owned me.

Still, I joined. And it was off to the races.

Then and now.

Fast-forward. I’ve been in Strategic Coach for 19 years and had 165 days completely disconnected from work last year, which I largely spent outdoors. I’m enjoying financial freedom—which is why I originally joined—but even more importantly, I now have the freedom to spend my time however and with whomever I choose.

I’m extremely grateful and proud of my relationships, especially because I didn’t have the best examples growing up.

I’ve built incredible teams and have a wonderful relationship with my wife and best friend, Corey. We’ve been married for almost 21 years, have three kids, and have built multiple businesses together. I could go on about how incredible she is, but I’ll keep it short and simply say she makes me—and my life—endlessly better.

In Strategic Coach, when discussing freedom, we talk about “freedom to” and “freedom from.”

When I started, I knew what I wanted freedom from. These are the things I didn’t want as I matured in my relationships. I’m grateful that, in the Strategic Coach community, I could identify people who were relating in ways that looked compelling to me, and this informed a better and richer vision for the future I now live.

I knew what I didn’t want, then painted a picture of what I did.

Strategic Coach separates entrepreneurial freedom into four categories. They are:

  1. Freedom of Money: This is financial freedom.
  2. Freedom of Time: This is the freedom to do what you want with your time.
  3. Freedom of Relationships: This is the freedom to choose with whom you have relationships.
  4. Freedom of Purpose: This is the freedom to live and engage fully in your purpose.

My businesses.

Today, I have two businesses and have recently exited my insurance business.

The first business is Superpowers, where we create new levels of freedom and growth for entrepreneurs through our vibrant community of Executive Assistants. We have a rigorous curriculum and support the relationship between the entrepreneur and EA to maximize the relationship’s value and bring forth the best teamwork.

BarnHill Vineyards, my second business, is a venue where we host events and concerts, sell wine, bring in food trucks, and offer a community space. It’s 100% self-managing and self-multiplying, and it’s a totally collaborative endeavor.

I’ve also written children’s books and run a family investment company, where I occasionally mentor and invest in certain entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial evolution through Strategic Coach.

Today, I coach entrepreneurs at various personal income levels. At every level, I find that entrepreneurs are still overcoming similar challenges when it comes to freedom—they just look different.

Wherever you are in your journey toward the Four Freedoms when you enter Strategic Coach is perfect. Some people are locked in on their purpose, while others seek ways to reclaim their time. Despite their high income, some have created a job for themselves and rarely delegate.

Everything is constantly evolving, and our work clarifying helps entrepreneurs at every level understand what they are uniquely meant to do. The idea is to meet you where you are, get clear on where you want to go, and support you in creating a path that will get you there with ease, clarity, and increasing levels of freedom in all areas.

My purpose and Unique Ability (what I love and do best) is creating new levels of freedom and growth for entrepreneurs and those they care about most.

I’m no longer as motivated by the money as I was before. What gets me out of bed in the morning is fulfilling my purpose by playing full out in my life so I create freedom and growth and give from the overflow.

Freedom of Purpose and Freedom of Relationships are most important to me—and they go hand in hand. Because, in my view, a purpose is worthless if there’s no one to serve.

As I grow and reach new levels of freedom and growth, I realize it’s simply about strengthening and improving my relationships.

From the Signature Program to the Free Zone.

I’ve noticed that as you progress through the Strategic Coach program levels, it becomes more about the people in the room and less about the coach. It gets increasingly more collaborative. Once you get the foundational concepts, it’s about how they are expressed and what levers bring your vision to reality. Specifically, we clarify what and how you want to grow so there’s no regret, and you’re fulfilled for the long haul. I come in to facilitate these conversations, ask the right questions, and encourage discoveries.

In our third stage, The Free Zone Frontier Program, where industry-changing entrepreneurs get direct coaching and facilitation from Dan Sullivan, they are still expanding their freedoms of time, money, relationships, and purpose, just on higher levels. And, in my opinion, this is what it’s ultimately all about at any level: Freedom.

If you, too, are on a path toward attaining more freedom and greater purpose through your business, I’d like to invite you to my Signature Program workshop starting in June. Claim your seat here.