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Alternative Ways Entrepreneurs Can Learn

Dan Sullivan didn’t get everything he wanted to from the educational system, so he created an alternative system for himself using his local library’s Encyclopedia Britannica. In this episode, Dan explains how his system worked, as well as why alternative educational systems can be better choices for entrepreneurs.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

The permissions that helped Dan “put in his time” at school.

The activities that prepared him to eventually be a great web surfer.

How Dan learned to transform all of his life experiences into lessons.

What led Dan to developing concepts to be used in The Strategic Coach® Program.

Show Notes:

Anywhere you want: As long as you can read, you can go anywhere you want in your mind.

More important learning: Learning about the world is more important than learning from a school teacher, because your teacher only essentially teaches you what they were taught.

Didn’t know before: You can spend time on the internet not looking for something specific, just looking for something you didn’t know before.

A deep authority: If you know enough about a subject to sound convincing, you can come across as a deep authority on it.

Missing out: People who spend their whole lives studying a particular subject are missing out on a vast amount of other knowledge.


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