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Begin A Lifetime Partnership, with David Kakish

David Kakish grew up exposed to the non-profit world, but eventually fell in love with the entrepreneurial world. In this episode, he shares how he’s found success with multiple businesses and how The Strategic Coach® Program has helped him solve challenges at a strategic level from both a business perspective and a personal perspective.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • What David considers the “three pillars for the entrepreneurial utopia.”
  • What he thinks sets Strategic Coach® apart from other coaching resources.
  • How he adapts Strategic Coach tools to fit his goals.
  • How his childhood environment has influenced his entrepreneurial outlook.
  • How coaching benefits him even when he doesn’t need it.

Show Notes: 

Sometimes forget: Entrepreneurs sometimes forget the impact they have on the world.

Often see: In non-profit companies, you often see an emphasis on the idea that “We’re changing the world.”

Don’t have to: You don’t have to be big to be great. You can have a great small company.

Don’t need: There are entrepreneurs who don’t need a coach but who want one because they want to keep getting better.

Money and misery: Many people who make a lot of money are miserable because they’re not making use of their unique capabilities.

Your destination: The Strategic Coach Program makes you think about your destination, regardless of what car you’re driving.


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