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Do Better Things With Your Time, with Leslie Fall

Since she joined The Strategic Coach® Program, people have been telling Leslie Fall, an entrepreneur in the field of medical education, how much more confident and clearer of vision she’s become. In this episode, she shares the tips she’s learned that have allowed her and her whole team to grow and spend their time doing what they’re good at.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • How Leslie has found a balance between what she’s learned to do as a physician and as a successful entrepreneur.
  • Why Leslie sometimes has to let go of what her job typically is.
  • An alternative to doing jobs you don’t like.
  • How Leslie’s company now gets four months of work done in a couple of weeks.
  • Why you could be relying on your team for more.

Show Notes:

Make a change: If someone at your organization is holding you back, you need to have the courage to make a change.

The next step: Just because someone helped you take a step in the past, it doesn’t mean they’re the right person to help you take the next step.

Time and energy: You need time and mental energy to think about becoming more alert, curious, responsive, and resourceful.

More unique time: If you automate some activities, there will be more time for your team to use their unique capabilities.

The knowledge you need: If you’re struggling with a problem, it might be that someone else already has the knowledge you need.

Off your plate: Your team members want to do what they can to take things off your plate.