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Find The Right Mentors For You, with Mark Lachance

Mark Lachance has grown multiple companies from nothing to having hundreds of employees. Currently, he’s the CEO of a performance marketing company whose clients include Google, and he’s the writer of a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller called The Lucky Formula. In this episode, he shares what led him from feeling like his business was running him to his current level of success.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The event that changed Mark’s career forever.
  • What led Mark to understanding how to run a business properly.
  • Why you can’t be involved in every specific task or area if you’re the leader of a big organization.
  • The difference between working in your business and working on your business.
  • Why it’s easier to make 10x your income than 2x your income.

Show Notes:

Find someone else: You have to find someone else to do the tasks you aren’t good at.

Not much impact: A brand new technology won’t have much of an impact if you don’t coach users about it.

Total fallacy: Entrepreneurs believe they have to be the smartest and the best and that they have to know everything, but this is a total fallacy.

Need to know: You don’t need to know everything that clients have said. That’s what your team members, and the data, are for.

The fastest growing: The two fastest growing industries over the past five years are information technology and coaching.


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