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Make The Choice To Fail And Survive, with Kim Butler

Failure is something that entrepreneurs encounter more often than non-entrepreneurs. What determines an entrepreneur’s ultimate success isn’t whether they experience failure, but how they respond to experiencing failure. In this episode, Associate Coach Kim Butler shares the story of how persevering through failure has led her to the kind of business success she always wanted.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why Kim kept coming back after experiencing a lack of success with a particular event.
  • Why Kim had to start her own company to have the kind of company she wanted.
  • What allows entrepreneurs to grow more often than non-entrepreneurs.
  • How failure can be motivating.

Show Notes:

Always changing: Unlike some bureaucratic companies, the entrepreneurial world is changing all the time.

Adjust accordingly: Every single day, entrepreneurs can figure out if they’re getting results and adjust accordingly.

Because of choices: A project can get off the ground by choosing to persevere, as well as listen and adjust.

Fail and create: An entrepreneur needs to choose what parts of a project can be allowed to fail and what parts need to be created.

Anything you want: When you make the necessary shifts in mindset, you can go after any results you want.


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