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Past And Future Traps, And How To Escape Them

If you’re stuck in the future or the past, you’ll have a hard time operating in the present. There are many ways entrepreneurs can wind up in this trap, and you might not even know if this is what’s happening to you. Dan Sullivan explains what you’re missing out on if you’re living anywhere but fully in the present.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The variety of ways entrepreneurs can get trapped in the past.
  • Why not being fully present means you’re missing out on opportunities.
  • How to tell if someone isn’t fully present when they’re with you.
  • What’s led to more people getting stuck in the future.
  • Why satisfaction can only be achieved in the present.

Show Notes:

  • Just ideas: Neither the past nor the future is reality, just ideas in your mind.
  • Negative memories: Memories of a past negative experience can stop you from moving forward with something new.
  • Technological traps: Technology allows us to see how things could be bigger and better, but this has contributed to people getting trapped in the future.
  • Real skill: The real skill in all areas of your life is to be fully where you are and to give full attention to who you’re with or what you’re doing.