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Put Your Personal Values Into Your Business Leadership, with Krista Clive-Smith

After 19 years as a competitive figure skater, Krista Clive-Smith suffered a career-ending injury. But this didn’t stop her career success. Krista’s had an innate passion for entrepreneurship since childhood, and her entrepreneur motivation has always been, “If there’s something I can see where there’s a gap, it’s my job to build it.” In this episode, Krista shares how she’s created a model for people to become their own personal brands in the most effective way for their business success and business growth.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • The difference between being what you do and finding value in who you are.
  • How Krista became the roles she couldn’t find.
  • How to build equity in your personal brand and what to do with it.
  • Why Krista releases her attachment to things.

Show Notes:

Every decision you make about what business you want to be in has a lifestyle implication.

Every lifestyle decision you make has a business implication.

A person’s ideal customer is a former version of themselves.

Most entrepreneurs have experienced crucial jumps where they turned something bad into something positive through internal capability.

Entrepreneurs strongly identify with their roles as business owners.

Your personal brand doesn’t need to be public facing.

Some people purely use their personal brand for influence within the company.

Entrepreneurs who build a business the wrong way are creating their own prison.

A highly developed skill of pattern recognition helps to chart a path.



The 4 C’s Formula by Dan Sullivan

Episode Transcript:
Dan Sullivan: Hi, this is Dan Sullivan. I'd like to welcome you to the Multiplier Mindset Podcast.
On today's episode of Multiplier Mindset, it's a real treat to have Krista Clive-Smith. Krista tells her story of being a competitive figure skater, and having her whole early life tied up with that. I've met three or four of them in my life, it sucks up all your time. But it does come to an end, and she tells the story. Hers was an accident which ended her career in a single day.
I remember I was on a speaker platform. We were sitting backstage before I went on, and one of the other speakers was next to me. This person was an Olympic champion and had won two or three I think, in consecutive Olympics, I think two or three medals. And I remember talking to her. She said, "I get a feeling right now that my past is always going to be bigger than my future, because my whole life from before I was 10 years old was involved in this one activity. If I go and I'm a speaker today, it's like I'm only a speaker because of something that happened in my past, not something that I was going towards."
So, Krista, first of all, there's something very interesting about her. First of all, she's not unique in having your life bound up with a particular activity, and obviously a very skillful activity, but that's just your activity, that isn't who you are. The fact that she had the courage to start all over again, we all have some real setbacks, almost every entrepreneur I know, when you dig a little bit deeper and you ask them what were the crucial jumps that they made, the jump was always something bad. Through internal capability, they turned it into a positive energy.
Krista Clive-Smith: Hi, my name is Krista Clive-Smith, and when people ask what I do, it's a bit of a complicated question. But if you've ever been to Disneyland, especially Disneyland, California, you can think of that as the working analogy for what we do. Because when you enter the gates of Disneyland, there are different lands within the park. There is Neverland, Tomorrowland, Toontown for the kids, and a monorail that connects all the lands to make it easy for guests to get from place to place. So, you can think of what we do as a virtual theme park for thought leaders. So, people who have a deep expertise, who are industry experts in a non-fiction topic, and the different lands within our park are, Writing Land, Personal Branding Land, Publishing Land, Speaker Land, and our newest broad umbrella is Empire Thought Leadership. Our little kids program, which is the Toontown of our theme park, is called Little Authors, which helps little kids write books and become published authors when they're young.