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What You Can Gain From Other Entrepreneurs, with Ricky Smith

Ricky Smith comes from an entire family of entrepreneurs, and now he’s one himself, running a successful insurance and financial services agency. In this episode, he talks about what’s influenced his success.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this episode:
  • How Ricky’s family’s entrepreneurial mindsets rubbed off on him.
  • The freedoms that motivate his entrepreneurial life.
  • What led him to Strategic Coach, and what he’s gained from it.
  • How entrepreneurship has made him more well rounded.
  • Why he gets excited about challenges.

Show Notes: 

  • There’s no cap on what entrepreneurs are able to earn.
  • Being an entrepreneur allows you to think outside of the norm.
  • Entrepreneurs can see how all sides—including customers, corporations, and governments—might feel.
  • Money can be what moves things in the right direction, and it can relieve stress.
  • Entrepreneurs are contrarians by nature.