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Book your Vasper session with Tony D’Assisi at BodySculpt

Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you build your Ideal Body: 1. Join our VIP Program. If you’d like to get more fitness through weight training, Vasper technology (only one in Toronto), Nutrition coaching (in-person or online) and Yoga or Pilates but don't want to go to four different studios… just reply to this message and put “VIP” in the subject line…we have a few open sessions and those who reply will go to the front of the line. 2. Become part of our exclusive online Virtual App Fitness Coaching & ProCoach nutrition coaching group — Ideal for those who cannot make it to the studio consistently. My favorite thing to do is help clients build their Ideal Bodies, if you’d like to learn what the Virtual App & ProCoach is all about and determine whether you might be a fit, reply and put ‘Virtual’ in the subject line. 3. Complete The BodySculpt Scorecard. There is a proven framework to creating your Ideal Health & Body. Find out how you score across the 8 Ideal Fitness Mindsets—The BodySculpt Scorecard: