My Top Teamwork Tips

For any entrepreneur who has big plans for their future business, one of the fastest ways to get there is with great teamwork. And one of your most important partnerships on your team is a Strategic Assistant® whose strengths complement yours and whose mission it is to support you in doing your best work.

In this download, Nicole Pitcher, Strategic Support Partner for six years to Shannon Waller, our Entrepreneurial Team Strategist and creator of our Team Programs, shares the best practices that make their relationship work beyond measure. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Five top tips to get the greatest productivity and results from your teamwork.
Five time-management tips designed specifically for results-focused entrepreneurs and their teams.
How Nicole organizes, plans, and runs an uninterrupted big-picture Strategic Planning Meeting for Shannon and herself.
Great practical examples from Nicole’s own day-to-day at Strategic Coach® that you can start implementing right away.
Download it and get started on a whole new way of doing business together as entrepreneurial partners!