The Entrepreneur's Guide To Hiring

How many times have you found yourself wondering, “Is now the right time to hire?”

Of those times, how often have you chosen to add more work to your own plate over another salary to your payroll?

Many entrepreneurs look at employees as costs rather than investments because salaries show up on the expense side of an income statement. However, hiring the right team is an investment in your Unique Ability®. And, like all types of investments, some are good investments and some are bad. But investing in a team member actually gives you enormous control over the outcome at a much lower risk than some other more speculative investments. 

But let’s be honest: Not all entrepreneurs are great at hiring the right team members. They might like to think they are, but this is a skill that needs to be learned—you can’t simply trust your gut and hope everything will work out. Hiring is a complex process, especially when you’re building a team that requires many different roles.

In The Entrepreneur's Guide To Hiring, you’ll find out how to determine the right time to hire new team members, our recommended process for hiring, and best of all—how to hire the right people.