Customer Service vs. Hospitality: Entrepreneur Tips That Will Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Shannon Waller
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What you’ll learn in this blog post:

  • Why giving customers and clients a top-notch experience is vital for an entrepreneur’s success.
  • The difference between hospitality and customer service, and why customer service isn’t enough.
  • How to provide hospitality to ensure your customers and clients come back for more.

We’ve all had a wide variety of experiences as customers or clients. There are the experiences that disappoint us, and the ones that are OK but forgettable. Then there are the truly memorable experiences. These are the ones where we’re made to feel special and appreciated. These are the experiences that keep us coming back.

What makes the difference between an average experience and an exceptional one? Read on for entrepreneur tips for providing first-rate experiences for your clientele.

Customer service isn’t enough.

Good customer service is now just the bare minimum we expect. You get the product or service you pay for, but it’s not enough for the experience to stand out and for you to be motivated to give the company more of your business.

It doesn’t feel good to be treated in an impersonal way where you receive adequate service, but no one remembers your name, and you’re not treated as unique in any way. When employees’ comments seem scripted, they don’t make any effort to get to know who you are, and, if you return, they don’t remember anything about you, it’s not the kind of experience that will have you eager to come back.

We like to be treated as individuals, not transactions. And your customers and clients feel the same way.

Make it feel like home.

When you experience hospitality, on the other hand, it’s much more than just transactional. You’re made to feel special. You’re made to feel like you’re home. Giving your customers and clients this experience is how you make a lasting, positive impression on them, and it’s the reason they won’t hesitate in writing you a big check for the experience.

Tried-and-true entrepreneurial tips stress the importance of demonstrating to clients that you know who they are and providing value that fits their specific needs. Make them feel like they’re home when they’re doing business with you. Don’t make excuses for mistakes. And be willing to bend over backwards to make sure they’re more than just satisfied with their experience of dealing with you.

Signs of hospitality.

You know you’re getting a quality experience when all you have to do is show up somewhere and the employees greet you by name and have things ready for you in ways that match your individual preference. You know you’re in a good place when any staff member you make a request of will stop what they’re doing and help you.

There are also signs that a company isn’t going to give you an amazing experience. For example, be wary if a company’s rules for treating customers are written out. If they have to write out the rules for how to treat a customer, that means it’s not a habit. What they’ve written out is a minimum standard that they’re holding all their staff to, and you shouldn’t expect anyone there to rise above the written rules.

Effects of technological change.

Most people’s favorite restaurants aren’t the five-star establishments. They’re the ones where the moment they arrive, they’re told, “Great to see you again,” are taken to their table, and are made to feel like part of the family.

Dependence on technology has resulted in less personal connection between businesses and their clientele. This means there’s great opportunity now for your company to stand out by treating your clients like the valued human beings they are. When you provide your clients with a personal connection, the experience is memorable for them, which means they’re more likely to refer you and to keep coming back.

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