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Dan Sullivan’s Health Hacks: How To Grow Younger As You Age


How you treat your body determines everything else about your life.

And it’s not just about eating well and having a gym membership. To be in great mental and physical shape means continually educating yourself and learning about how you can best optimize your health.

Each of us is so vastly different; we thrive on different foods and different workouts, and benefit from different methods of self-care and wellness. And feeling your best means personalizing your lifestyle to your needs, because once you find the flow, life gets better.

At seventy-five, Dan Sullivan has made it his goal to live to 156. To optimize your health, here’s what he suggests when it comes to turning back your body’s clock.

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It takes character to optimize your health.

Have a morning routine. There isn’t a successful person who doesn’t believe in the power of implementing morning rituals. Dan’s one of them.

For the past two years, he’s started his day the same way: with a green drink and a workout.

He aims for an 80-minute workout every morning before anything else. And every day is different. He alternates between interval training, weightlifting, and stretching.

His main priority is burning 1,000 calories before breakfast—no matter what.

“I play on my energy,” he says. “I know when to go easy, and I know when to go hard.”

Don’t worry about what you eat, as long as you burn a lot of calories before breakfast. “Burning 1,000 calories every morning means I worry less about what I eat for the duration of the day,” he explains.

Getting in a high-energy burn helps take the focus off what to eat and what not to eat. This is even more beneficial when your days are full and there’s a multitude of other things that require your attention.

Although he eats a lot of greens, fruits, and proteins, he otherwise doesn’t put too many restrictions around his diet.

Make meditation a habit. Dan meditates every morning. This is the time of day that’s most under his control, with afternoons and evenings being a bit harder to carve out consistent time for himself.

“For the last 47 years, I’ve made time for a morning meditation,” he says. It’s how he sets himself up for success every day and one of the best practices for anti-aging.

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Muscle is everything. Dan also makes peptide shots to aid in muscle building part of his health routine.

“Muscle is the key to everything: your metabolism, your balance, your sense of energy, and your sense of motivation. This all comes from keeping your muscle up,” he explains.

Don’t drink alone. Feeling your best is about establishing good habits. Dan describes a time earlier in his life when he drank too much. “Most of what we drink is pure sugar,” he says. So now he goes by one rule: don’t drink alone.

This simple mindset shift puts much more intentionality and thoughtfulness around drinking. Most of the time, we engage in drinking without really thinking about it, but when you put the focus on cleansing your system, how you drink changes as well.

Get familiar with new healthcare equipment. As you age, you need more and more support in how you exercise. This means being up to date with the equipment that’s going to help you thrive.

Dan’s an advocate for the Vasper, a sit-down elliptical machine that pulses cold water around your body. Its technology tricks your body into thinking it’s done a 60-minute workout in only 20 minutes, and it’s a huge endorphin hit.

“Life is all about hacks and tricks—whether they’re yours or other people’s,” Dan says. It’s how to guarantee a lifestyle that’s always improving.

Let science support you. Scientific and technological breakthroughs in healthcare are happening at a faster pace than ever before.

The work people are doing and the new capabilities they’re creating mean humans are living longer than they ever have. And it’s getting better every year.

The world is at its most curious, responsive, and resourceful when it comes to extending our lifespans.

A simple mindset shift can change every thought in your brain.

Changing your mindset toward your health can change your life.

It inspires a motivation to live a longer and more productive life, enabling you to act and feel increasingly younger.

But just as important as educating yourself on how to optimize your health is finding what works for you.

Your only goal should be to be intentional about your health, and with this, you’ll turn back your body’s clock and feel the years slide away.