Enjoyment As A Multiplier

Dan Sullivan
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More than 200 years ago, Adam Smith, considered by many to be the father of modern economics, identified the division of labor as the means to multiply human results to create wealth.

But Smith lived in an age where it would be remarkable just to have everyone employed at something. It was an extraordinary feat back then just to keep everyone fed. There was little or no consideration given to the question of whether people were actually enjoying the work they were doing.

Meaning, excitement, satisfaction.

But now we have the benefit of living in a multiplier world that’s exponentially more powerful than it was in 1776 when Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations. Now, enjoying one’s work — and deriving meaning, excitement, and satisfaction from it — is an essential requirement for multiplying oneself in the world.

Enjoying your work.

This strategy — the division of enjoyable labor, if you will — is just one of hundreds of multiplier concepts we’ve created in our Strategic Coach® Program. It’s an essential starting point, because if you don’t grasp the fact that you’re supposed to be enjoying the work you do on a daily basis more and more, you’ll never understand where the other multipliers in your life can be created.

The moment you start maximizing the time you spend doing enjoyable work, the more motivation you’ll have to create a series of other multipliers around this fundamental one.


What are the most enjoyable aspects of your work? What would it be like if you could spend most of your time in those activities? Tell us in the comments; we’d like to hear from you.