Four Tips For Creating A Great Customer Experience

Dan Sullivan
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How To Create A First-Class Experience

Think about past experiences you’ve had that you’d call “extraordinary.”

This could include eating at restaurants, attending performances, or staying at hotels—any experience that made you feel special for being a customer.

Wouldn’t you like to give your clients that same feeling when they do business with you?

If you give special thought to how your clients will feel as they go through every step of the experience with your company, it will be extraordinary for them, and they’ll remember it. Your clients will feel like they’ve gotten their money’s worth, they’ll always look forward to doing business with you, and they’ll keep coming back.

At the same time, the best people will want to work on your team, and doing so will be such a rewarding experience that they won’t look for employment elsewhere.

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Here are the four tips for creating a great customer experience.

  1. Compare checks.

    It might seem like a good idea to compare yourself with other companies in your field, but that’s not the right comparison to make if you’re aiming to create a great customer experience.

    Instead, look at how much you’d like to charge a client for what you provide. Let’s say that number is $10,000. No matter what it is your business does, the question to then ask yourself is, “Does the experience the client is getting from my company match or exceed the quality of other experiences that the client spent $10,000 on?” Your real competition is your clients’ memory of great experiences.

  2. No commentary needed.

    A lot of establishments will publish their standards, putting them right out there to make customers aware of them.

    If you have to publish your standards so people are aware that you have standards, you probably don’t have any standards. Providing first-class service means creating a great customer experience without the commentary.

  3. Keep it consistent.

    If I get any sense that the behind-the-scenes operations of an organization are not of high quality, the experience is ruined for me. This happens even if the “front stage” service or experience has been great.

    It’s essential to make sure not only that every client-facing aspect of your business is top notch, but also that the same is true for all of your internal operations. Inconsistencies will show through.

    For example, even if a team member of yours is treating a client well, the client may have a sense if the team member themselves is not treated well.

  4. Build it backward.

    The key to creating a great customer experience, and really a key to all entrepreneurial success, is to look at every part of the experience people have with you from their point of view.

    Build it backward by identifying the experience you want your clients to have and then reverse-engineer everything from that vision.

I’ve had an appreciation of a particular first-class experience since I was a kid, and many years later when we founded Strategic Coach, I said that the number one rule is that everything we do at our company, starting with our team members and extending to our clients, has to be first class.

When you’re creating a great customer experience and a great experience for your team members, you’ll attract great clients and great team members.

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