How To Achieve Twice The Results In Half The Time

The Strategic Coach Team
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At Strategic Coach, we talk a lot about Free Days…because it can be so difficult for entrepreneurs to pry themselves away from their business.

Yet entrepreneurs in the program also multiply their income. So how is this possible—to take more time off & make more money?

Free Days let you have a life and enjoy you success but they also recharge your batteries, mentally and physically.

This full charge of creative energy and motivation fuels a second category of entrepreneurial time: Focus Days!

On a Focus Day, you devote all your attention and abilities to your most important, money-making: Activities, Opportunities, and Relationships.

Focus Days pay for your growth…and also fund your increasing freedom.

When you concentrate your presence, energy, and intelligence like this, you can achieve twice the results in half the time! 

Illustration by Hamish MacDonald.