Permission To “Slap The Boss”

The Strategic Coach Team
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We talk a lot about Free Days — time you spend completely away from work so you can live your life and come back to work refreshed and rejuvenated. But another key part of The Entrepreneurial Time System is the Focus Day, a day in which you concentrate on your most promising ideas, opportunities, and relationships.

Real estate dynamo and Strategic Coach Program participant Evan Johnsen is committed to having productive Focus Days, so he sent the following email to get his team members on board. It’s a great example of how to make this strategy work.

Hi Team,

We’re reaching some very important milestones in our business and shaping a new world order so to speak. Compass 2.0 is actually going to be more Oxygen focused. And I couldn’t be more excited.

The main goal of our outsourcing and the streamlining of our business model is to free ourselves to do what we do best.  We make buildings better, and small condos are the best way we know how.

I’m experimenting with taking a specific day a week to focus exclusively on critical business development stuff that drives our organization forward.

For every Tuesday this March, I won’t approve invoices, I’m not returning non-critical emails, and I won’t be checking on site progress or scheduling trades. I will be finding our next three projects and building the systems to make them easy.

I’ll still be in the office on Tuesdays but need to focus exclusively on the most important things before us as a team.

You can help by getting the thing to me Monday or waiting to ask the question till Wednesday. Or even better, allocate your Tuesday in a similar manner. And if you catch me slipping into a conversation with Alex about how a boiler is supposed to work, slap me.

Onward and upward,