Putting The Spotlight On Entrepreneurs

The Strategic Coach Team
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We’re living in an age where entrepreneurs are heroes. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg—we’re all aware of the convenience, comfort, and capability these people have brought to our lives with their creativity and determination.

The challenge, though, is that many of us are still carrying around a notion of wealth that relates to life before the 1800s, when being wealthy meant you must have taken something from other people. Being rich essentially highlighted a character flaw.

Over the last two centuries, though, and especially in the past quarter-century, entrepreneurs have turned that model around. Today’s most successful business owners make their fortunes by helping other people improve their lives.

We’re entering an interesting new world, and it’s worth putting a spotlight on the creative individuals behind these great changes. That’s why we’re delighted to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week from November 12-18, 2012.

We encourage all entrepreneurs—and hopeful entrepreneurs—to check out what’s happening around the world and locally this week for GEW.

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