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Tim Sullivan
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Brand identity. There is more information floating around the web on this topic than you can shake a stick at. I get it … it’s infinitely important to any organization. It lines up an entrepreneur’s vision of their company with how their team represents them in the marketplace and what their clients and customers come to expect of their products and services.

It’s the glue.

It’s no wonder that in such a competitive time, a brand’s purpose can get less sticky. It’s hard not to get pulled in a million directions, trying to capitalize on the latest and greatest “thing.” Here at Coach, we’re always trying to keep our focus on why we do what we do — to identify, support, and grow entrepreneurial freedom.

This got me thinking about my own personal brand as a team member and the importance of knowing how this lines up with the brand of my company. As usual, I took to Google to see what “people” are saying about this. What I found was lots and lots of lists on how to develop an impressive “individual brand”: Do great work, work hard, be a great team player, dress the part, make the “boss” look good, etc. etc. Obviously. But none of these things address why I do what I do. Isn’t that the essence of my brand? And shouldn’t my why connect to Coach’s?

I was recently directed to a great video on the importance of starting with why by Simon Sinek. In a nutshell, he talks about the “golden circle,” first identifying the why (the importance), then the how (the action), then the what (the result) of who you are and what you do. It seemed like such a simple formula, and I love simple. I loved this exercise!

For those of you who are wondering, here’s what I ended up with:

  • Why: To actively contribute to an organization that creates value, pushes boundaries, and changes people’s lives.
  • How: By championing ideas, rallying the troops, clearly communicating, and pushing the envelope.
  • What: A project manager that is motivated and excited by knowledge and innovation.

This is my brand. This is who I am and how I approach each day. It gives me confidence and clarity in my role. But, most importantly, I feel like it fits into and connects with the spirit of Strategic Coach. (BIG sigh of relief.) My recommendation: Have your own teams do this.

Like with your company’s brand, the clearer your team is on their own purpose and motivation within your company, the less likely they are to get pulled in a million different directions (which, by the way, will absolutely leak through to the Front Stage of your company … yikes!). Instead, they will be confident, productive, and valuable. They will remain … the glue—really sticky, results-producing super glue.

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