Why Mindset Matters

Dan Sullivan
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I’ve worked with thousands of successful entrepreneurs in every type of industry around the globe, and in the final analysis, what most determines their lifelong success, progress, achievement, and satisfaction are the mindsets they develop to move themselves forward.

By a “mindset,” I mean an ingrained and particular way of thinking about and looking at the future that you hold onto consistently over a long period of time.

“Change”: two completely different mindsets.

Let me give you an example. For a lot of people, change is scary; they don’t like it, and they avoid it at all costs. Since a mindset determines the way a person approaches their life each day, this likely results in a good deal of their thinking and energy being used up by anxiety, worry, and apprehension. And much of their time, talent, and attention will be spent trying to avoid scary changes.

The opposite mindset is that change is a positive and exciting force in life. Personally, and especially as an entrepreneur, I like change because no matter what kind of change comes along, I have the kind of skills and talents that allow me to use it to my advantage.

Imagine if we followed the lives of two ten-year-old children, one of whom developed the change-is-scary mindset and the other the change-is-exciting mindset. I suspect that the person with the change-is-scary mindset would never become an entrepreneur because they would continually be putting themselves in the worst possible circumstances. In my experience, most entrepreneurs are individuals who have a mindset that change is not only exciting, it’s a good thing.


Embrace change and never age.

If you followed the change-is-exciting person through their life, they would always be young at heart in their thinking and in their energy. They loved change at twenty, and they love change even more at forty because they can see that taking advantage of change has created their success. And when they’re eighty, they’re even more aware of the effect that change has had on their life and will still embrace it with passion.

The entrepreneur who is excited by the change around them will never grow old. There will always be something new that will inspire them to move forward.

The advantages of a change-is-good mindset.

As technology speeds up, the speed of change in the world will always follow suit. This is where mindset really matters. To give you an example, there are three complementary mindsets I always want to nurture:

  1. I always view change as positive and exciting, which opens me up to the following two mindsets.
  2. I’m always learning new things because I’m always looking into new changes.
  3. I’m always growing in every area of my life because I’m always open to change and the learning that results.

With these positive mindsets, as you experience different types of situations, challenges, and opportunities day by day, you’re able to continually take advantage of them and benefit from them.

A like-minded exponential community.

As an individual, you can choose which mindsets are going to determine the structure and the outcome of your entire life.

My advice is to surround yourself with other individuals who think like you do. I call this type of community — and today it can be a global community — an exponential community, where you’ll always be learning and growing. This community of other individuals with positive, growth-oriented, exciting mindsets provides a powerful network that supports the exponential growth and achievements of everyone involved.