Your Attitude Could Be Ruining Your Career

Shannon Waller
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It’s safe to say that in any successful entrepreneurial company, there is no room for an “entitlement attitude.” It makes high-quality teamwork almost impossible when people believe the world owes them opportunities. They chalk up their status and what they’ve done in the past as reasons why they’re better than others.

They’re also unaware of how they’re coming across and of other people’s contributions. They don’t care to give other people credit or to listen to others’ ideas because of their sense of superiority.

Take the focus off entitlement.

I think all of us can admit to having moments of entitlement—it’s a human condition. I know I have, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The important thing is to realize when you’ve reached this state and to find a way to veer yourself to a “No-Entitlement Attitude” as effortlessly as possible. In my experience, the easiest way to steer clear of feelings of entitlement is to never rest on your role.

Regardless of your history, when you’re not feeling entitled, you’re focused on the contribution you’re making to the future. You’re automatically zeroing in on the value you’re creating and how you can stay relevant. This is a cooperative and creative mindset that allows you to be more dynamic in a team setting.

I’ve seen what it looks like when a team member takes on an entitlement mentality, and it’s glaringly obvious as well as painful for the people around them. It requires someone to bring them down to earth and remind them of what real teamwork is all about.

No-entitlement matters to your clients.

A No-Entitlement Attitude is essential when working with clients and customers. It’s a reminder to you to stay on track with their futures and where they’re going—as opposed to concentrating solely on the impact you’ve had on their past.

This doesn’t mean having a lack of appreciation for the value you’ve created; rather, it’s about making sure you’re always open to learning and to the creativity of those around you. No-entitlement is about having gratitude and appreciation for experiences, history, and learning.

Shifting your mindset.

There’s a humility to this mentality that makes a person more interesting. It allows you to do away with the “I’ve got it all figured out” attitude, because your ego is no longer involved. You’re open to discussing your failures and mistakes because you’re aware that you weren’t perfect from the get-go. This way of thinking is also what allows you to be a more compassionate person.

It is very powerful to have the ability to transform your own thinking. So take a look at yourself and see where you’ve stopped asking questions. Where do you assume you have all the answers? When you start to feel a sense of entitlement, remember that we all still have so much to learn, to be open to new possibilities, and to listen, not just talk.

The mastery of shifting from an Entitlement Attitude to a No-Entitlement Attitude is a recipe for success.

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