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3 Of The Best Books About Self-Discovery


I’m always surprised by how many people are unaware of their natural strengths and talents. We take for granted those things that come easily and naturally to us and assume others can do what we do.

For the most part, people are working overtime to compensate for their weaknesses and get better at things they’re not good at instead of dedicating themselves to improving their strengths—likely a product of being taught in school that to be successful, you have to be good at everything.

But there’s nothing more crucial than dispelling this myth. Achieving greatness and success is about unearthing your path to excellence. Understanding your talents and your gifts empowers you to make a bigger contribution, which goes hand in hand with finding your greater purpose.

“The more you fall in love with your strengths, the more you accept your weaknesses.”
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The more you fall in love with your strengths, the more you accept your weaknesses—and recognize you don’t have to be all things to all people. Here are three of the best books for self-discovery that shine a light on the ways you naturally show up in the world:

1. Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery

What’s it about?
Straight from Strategic Coach®, this book and accompanying notebook introduce you to the idea that each and every one of us has our own Unique Ability®. This comprises the habits, energy, and natural talents you use to passionately create value for others. Follow our step-by-step thinking process to uncover and name your Unique Ability, and create an action plan for putting it to use in the world.
Who wrote it?
As a team, Catherine Nomura, Shannon Waller, and I collaborated to bring this concept, created by Dan Sullivan, to a larger audience.
Read this if … you’re interested in gaining a much deeper understanding of yourself and the ways you naturally thrive. Nothing is more empowering than discovering you have a blend of talents totally unique to you; this clarity will help you pave your way in the world.

2. StrengthsFinder 2.0

What’s it about?
Based on the work of Donald O. Clifton, the grandfather of Positive Psychology, this book gives an in-depth description of 34 different talent themes. After purchasing, you’ll gain access to an online assessment that will reveal your top five talents. Gaining insight into your natural gifts will give you a new language to understand how you best achieve success and will help you brainstorm new pathways for growth and development.
Who wrote it?
The Gallup Organization along with Tom Rath.
Read this if … you’re looking for new vocabulary to talk about your individual uniqueness. This is the perfect resource if you want to uncover your talents and strategize on how to develop them further. It will help you understand how each of your top five strengths plays out in your life on a personal level.

3. The Conative Connection

What’s it about?
Written by Kathy Kolbe, a global leader in assessing and determining the power of human instincts, this book gives amazing insight into your conative behaviors and instinctive drives. It validates your natural methods of operation and explains your motives through the lens of a less studied area of the mind.
Who wrote it?
Kathy Kolbe
Read this if … you’re interested in better understanding your natural instincts and talents. This is a book designed to give you the freedom to be yourself in order to make significant achievements in your career, family life, and personal relationships.

By discovering the areas where you demonstrate excellence, you’ll simultaneously learn how to achieve greatness and success in a meaningful, fun way. The key to being unstoppable starts with understanding what your strengths can do for you. Pick up these books about self-discovery and gain clarity on what it is you’re contributing to the world.

About the Author

Julia Waller is all about uncovering people’s passions and talents, allowing them to be not only who they truly are, but to be their “best self.” She’s an invaluable resource for our clients and our team.

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