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Who’s At Coach: Wendy Brookhouse and Kelsey MacAulay

Wendy Brookhouse and Kelsey MacAulay

My name is:  Wendy Brookhouse and Kelsey MacAulay

I’m an entrepreneur with a specialty in:
WB: Simplifying people’s financial lives.
KM: Connecting people.

My company is: Black Star Wealth Partners

What we do is: Remove stress and guilt by finding and freeing up cash flow so that your spending is in harmony with your priorities.

I was born in:
WB: Montreal, QC
KM: Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

We currently reside in: Halifax, Nova Scotia

My first job was:
WB: Raking blueberries and playground supervisor.
KM: Cutting lawns.

My greatest skill is:
WB: The ability to see possibilities.
KM: The gift of gab.

I’m most inspired by:
WB: People who have come from nothing, achieved their dreams, and remain humble.
KM: My wife.

I’m most grateful for:
WB: My mother letting me be a free spirit.
KM: My wife.

Wildest goal I’ve ever set for myself was:
WB: The income goal I set this year!
KM: Financial freedom by forty!

My biggest advice for new entrepreneurs is:
WB: Begin with the end in mind.
KM: Delegate!

In 10 years, I will be:
WB: Taking 200 Free Days* a year.
KM: Even more handsome than anyone thought possible.

*Free Days™ are part of the Strategic Coach® tool, The Entrepreneurial Time System®. A Free Day™ is a 24-hour period free from all work-related thinking and activities.