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Why Being Competitive Isn’t Enough To Win


Your business gives you and your team members a perfect opportunity to develop an “Innovation Mindset” — continually bypassing old ways of doing things with new ways that work much better.

When you have this Innovation Mindset, you’re not competing with anyone or trying to protect what you created in the past. Instead, you’re exploring rich, new territory that’s yours alone.

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Here are the four parts of the Innovation Mindset:

  • You see your best results as “raw material” for your next jump in innovation.


  • You’re always looking for better ways — big and small — to do your work and cooperate with others.


  • Your greatest reward is contributing to the growth of the team and the company.


  • You know that higher pay, bigger bonuses, and other forms of advancement all come from creating value for the business and its clientele.